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Docheio Cloud

  • Technology consulting and services firm focused entirely on transforming cloud and cloud-native adoption journeys.

  • Simplify the customers' journey and reduce implementation time by introducing cloud-native patterns in complex environments

  • Become an active partner of our customers’ cloud journey and bring continuous refinements to their environments

Our Services

Our Services

MicroServices Migration

Enable Microservice-based APIs or serverless functions for complex legacy/monolithic systems to unleash their digital potential

Site Reliability Engineering

Automated 24 x 7 Operations for Cloud and Container Environments

Disaster Recovery

Helps in implementing disaster recovery environment as part of the initial cloud implementation journey

Container Migration

Containerize application workloads and migrate to the cloud

DevSecOps Automation

Compliance and Continuous Delivery enabled Low Code DevSecOps Automation

Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize your cloud cost and eliminate unwanted resources from your environment

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